Asia-Pacific to Dominate ACE Coatings Demand through 2030

Asia-Pacific to Dominate ACE Coatings Demand through 2030
  • Dec 02, 2021
  • Published By : Prismane Consulting

This market study describes the ACE Coatings global market, with focus on major countries and their subsequent demand for different segments, technologies, and end-use industries of ACE Coatings. The market has been segmented on the bases of segment as Agriculture, Construction & Earthmoving and Material Handling. In terms of technology type, the global ACE Coatings market has been segmented into Water-borne, Solvent-borne, Electrocoats and Powder coatings. The different end-use industries included in the market report include, Agriculture, Construction and Mining & Industrial.

Prismane Consulting has its own in-house integrated chemical, petrochemicals, polymers, and fertilizers (Demand models). Part of these models is the beginning point of the detailed database of existing ACE Coatings market model which includes the existing information on major players and demand. Further, the existing model has been updated for under construction, new investments, and any other recent developments. Prismane Consulting has developed its own growth outlook for ACE Coatings to build a complete demand analysis for major countries and regions.

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The report on Global ACE Coatings Market provides information, key insights, and high-level market analysis on:
•  Demand Balance
•  ACE Coatings Market data in terms of volume and value for each application
•  ACE Coatings Market analysis for demand for Regions / Countries
•  Historical, Current & Market Forecast (Short-term and Long-term till 2030)
•  Macro-economic factors like GDP, Population and World Economic integration
•  Economic & Energy Outlook
•  Industry & Policy Developments
•  End-use Industry / Applications Market
•  Reasoning & Analysis
•  Insightful Commentary
•  Market Review
•  Comparative Analysis
•  Latest Trends and market developments
•  Key players
•  Strategic Issues and Recommendations
•  Business Opportunity Assessment

Some important questions that the ACE Coatings Market report tries to answer exhaustively are: 
•  The report provides answers to the following key questions:
•  How big is the ACE Coatings market at regional and country level? 
•  How is the market evolving by demand, segment, and region?
•  What will the market size be in 2030 and at what rate will it grow?
•  What trends, challenges and barriers are influencing its growth?
•  Insightful commentary on each on the major end-use industries and economies
•  Other detailed analysis
•  COVID-19 impact on the global ACE Coatings Market in short, mid, and long-term market forecast

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Key Market Drivers

Growth in Agriculture equipment markets in Developing economies like India

Newer farming techniques have already been adopted in developed nations with developing regions are now in the phase of adopting them as well. India has been identified as the largest market for tractors beating China in 2015 in term of sales. Agriculture accounts for around 15% of the total GDP of the country accounting for around 7.4% of the global agricultural output, with humongous growth opportunities. The country lacks behind in-terms of advanced farming technologies and predominantly uses conventional farming techniques. Government initiatives like the PM Kisan Tractor Yojana 2020, promotes purchase of new tractor equipments with subsidies from 20 to 50 percent in a state and 50 percent elsewhere in the country. This will push for tractor sales in the country in the long-term forecast. Furthermore, the government is also taking initiatives for the promotion of agricultural mechanization. 

Following are a few initiatives:
•  Human Resources Development in Farm Mechanization
•  Quality Control of Agricultural Machines and Implements
•  Popularization of New Agricultural Machines
•  Incentives for Purchase of Agricultural Machines/ Implements
•  Incentives for setting up of Custom Hiring Centres

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