With Another downfall, is the Polyacetal (POM) industry proving its cyclic nature?

  • Aug 06, 2020
  • Published By : Prismane Consulting

With Another downfall, is the Polyacetal (POM) industry proving its cyclic nature?

Prismane Consulting is pleased to publish the 5th edition of its Global Polyacetal (POM) Market Study Report and techno-Commercial Market Model. This report forms a part of the Engineering Plastic Strategy studies recently published by Prismane Consulting.

Determining the impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic remains a key question across different industry verticals. The global engineering plastics industry had witnessed high growth since bouncing back from the economic crises in 2008-2009. However, the global pandemic has now altered the global industry landscape and has had a negative impact on the global engineering plastics and polyacetal resins markets.

Polyacetal (POM) resins having synonyms of acetal or Polyoxymethylene (POM) resins are a class of engineering having excellent wear and chemical and thermal resistance. Polyoxymethylene (POM) finds application in automotive parts specially, interior applications, electrical & electronics, industrial, and consumer & home appliances. While the polyacetals market has a higher degree of penetration across the automotive and electronics applications, the industry is still lagging in 3D printing and consumer electronics application segments. Prismane Consulting has identified gears to offer colossal growth opportunities for POM in the long-term forecast.
The major applications and sub-applications included in the study are

[Interior (Window lifter, Wiper, Seat Belt, Sound Grill and Other Interior Parts), Exterior (Fuel System and Other Exterior Parts) and Under-the-bonnet]

Electrical & Electronics 
[Micro Gears and Other Electrical & Electronics Parts]

[Conveyor Belts (Food (food processing) slow-moving, Bottle (PET bottles) fast-moving and Industrial (Auto assembly line, other assembly line, logistics)), Industrial Gears (Power Tools, Office Automation and Building & Construction) and Other Industrial Applications (Excl. Gears)]

Consumer & Home Appliances 
[Consumer & Home Appliances Gears (Vacuum Cleaner and Other White Goods) and Others Consumer & Home Appliances (Excl. Gears)]

Medical Devices
[Drug Delivery Insulin Pens, Inhaler, Surgery, Injection Systems and Wearables]

Sporting goods
Semi-finished Products
Food Contact

In Prismane Consulting’s Polyacetals (POM) strategy report, we have analyzed the historic and current market situation of polyacetals for different application and sub-application segments across 35 key markets globally. The report pegs the global polyacetals (POM)demand in 2018 at 1,300 kilo tons, which has grown at an aggregate rate of 4.5% per annum between 2005 and 2018. Utilization rates for POM globally averaged nearly at about 73% between 2005 and 2018. Prismane Consulting has revised its Polyacetal (POM) market forecasts for 2020 due to the unfolding crisis. The all new updated report, released by Prismane today, indicates a decline in 2020 followed by growth in 2021. The significant decline has been from the automotive industries while the smaller volume outlets did not witness a huge decrease for POM consumption.

The Polyacetal (POM) Market Study Report 2020 describes the global Polyacetal (POM) market, with focus on the country, applications and other end-use scenarios. The study provides:

Market Data, Country Summaries & Product Review

•  Demand-Supply Balance& Market Analysis
•  POM Market data in terms of volume and value for each end-use at regional and country level
•  POM Market analysis for Production, Capacity, Demand, at Regional and Country level
•  Demand Composition, by Type and Applications
•  Trade (Import, Export and Net Export)
•  Pricing Analysis
•  Latest Trends and market developments
•  Key Players
•  Strategic Issues and Recommendations
•  Market / Product Outlook (Historical, Short, Mid and Long-term forecast) 
•  Business Opportunities & Challenges 
•  Strategic Analysis and High-level information on Market Entry, Best Strategies adopted

The major activities carried out by companies like Celanese Corporation, BASF, Polyplastics, Kolon, Ibn Sina, Formosa, Asahi-Kasei has been covered in detail.

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