Mr. Akshay Deosarkar

Manager, Chemicals & Energy Practice

Mr. Akshay Deosarkar is a seasoned professional with an MBA and a background in Chemical Engineering, boasting over 11 years of extensive experience in chemical manufacturing, market research, and consulting. Currently serving as the Manager of the Chemicals and Energy Practice at Prismane Consulting, he has demonstrated expertise across various domains. Throughout his career, Mr. Deosarkar has contributed to various areas such as Hydrogen, Biofuels, Plastics & Polymers, Engineering Plastics, Bioplastics, Starches, Fillers, Waxes, Oleochemicals, Coatings, Water Treatment Chemicals, Fluoropolymers, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Lubricants, Surfactants, API, Rubbers, Automotive Plastics, and numerous other Specialty Chemicals. His diverse skill set and profound industry knowledge make him an invaluable asset in driving strategic initiatives and delivering exceptional results.