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Chemicals Practice – Chemical Industry Market Research firm

Prismane Consulting’s Chemicals Practice covers all types and segments of Plastics & polymers, Petrochemicals, Specialty & fine chemicals, Basic & inorganic chemicals, Agrochemicals & Fertilizers, Paints & Coatings, and Advanced Materials among others.

The chemical industry is witnessing one of its most substantial transformations ever. Regional growth along with the regulations and cost is shifting investment, technology and innovation towards markets in Asia from their existing ones in Europe and North America. The chemical industry faced head-on challenges such strong dollar, slowing emerging economies, recession in Brazil, stagnation in Europe and Japan, and a cyclical downturn in the agricultural sector in 2015. In addition, this unfavorable economic environment also witnessed considerable merger, acquisition and reorganization activities.

These ups & downs make the chemicals industry a tempestuous one. Companies that foresaw these events and formulated the right strategies, gained maximum value from the subsequent expansion phase. These strategic decisions ensured that their business constantly created an appropriate amount of value and shielded them from market fluctuations. But the slow revival of the chemical industry post economic recession in 2008-09 has led to an unpredictable future for many companies. With the number of manufacturing companies increasing day-by-day, the fight for market share forces companies to abreast with the ever-changing operating conditions, and environmental policies. The future looks appealing for those companies who are working to deliver solutions that are pragmatic as well as sustainable.

Corporations are redefining the industry and exploring new opportunities which are resulting from the changing market conditions. Chemicals giants are competing to establish a value proposition for the future.

Our experience of executing projects and providing solutions in the chemicals field makes us one of the newest preferred consulting companies when it comes to formulating strategies or providing market studies. Our team has a thorough understanding of several aspects in the chemicals industry and can help you work successfully in it

Plastics & Polymers

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Specialty & Fine Chemicals

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Basic Chemicals

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Agrochemicals & Fertilizers

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Paints & Coatings

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Advanced Materials

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