Privacy Policy – Prismane Consulting Private Limited

Your privacy is our top priority. We are committed to keep your personal data safe with our verified and secure servers. We also follow Privacy acts and regulations that are applicable to the regions where we offer our services.

There are a different ways where the user’s personal information is collected and used by Prismane Consulting Private Limited (hereafter, Prismane Consulting)

Our privacy notice explains the nature and use of user’s personal data by Prismane Consulting. It also explains the privacy rights of an individual and how they are protected. Our privacy notice also gives an individual the right to access as well as update the information if needed. We’ve tried to keep our privacy Policy simple and clear. We encourage you to ask for a clarification in case if you are not familiar with few terms.

Our Commitment to Privacy Acts and Regulations:

We are committed to highest levels of security and compliance towards the privacy acts and regulations that are applicable where we offer our services.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at

Privacy Notice

What Information do we collect?

We collect following information through our website:

  • Name, email, country, phone number, report/job specific information disclosed by the user
  • Job title and Designation
  • Device Specific Information

Cookies: We use cookies to analyze user preferences, notify visitors if any feed that might be beneficial to user, record session information, and user-specific information to customize the content based on user’s preference. While most browsers allow cookies from a secure server, you might customize your settings to accept or decline the cookies.

Please contact Prismane Consulting at on more information on cookies

What do we do with the information provided?

We use your information in following ways:

  • The subscription/enquiry form details are stored in our database and used for assisting the user to use our services.
  • To send any important newsletter/report information that may be useful to the user by his/her consent.
  • To respond to the query submitted by the user
  • The technical data will be used to enhance the user experience as well as to analyze the user experience using third party tools/software and Agencies.
  • We don’t use the user data for any other purposes than to serve the client’s interests in our services.
  • We may also sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) in case of information provided by the user is sensitive/highly confidential.

To whom would we disclose the Information?

  • The personal data provided by the user will only be accessible to designated personnel within Prismane Consulting.
  • Prismane Consulting will be subjected to share the user details in case of any legal obligation, request made by law enforcement, national security and wherever required by the law.
  • In some cases, user’s personal data may be shared to a third party by the user’s consent to provide a better service with collaboration. Third party will also follow same privacy policy as Prismane Consulting. In case of any change in the policy, Prismane Consulting will notify the user.

Where will the data be stored or transferred to?

The data will be stored in our central database and will be used as and when required by Prismane Consulting. The user data will not be transferred to any third party without the user’s approval.

How long will the data be maintained in our Systems?

Your information with us will be maintained till there is a business purpose and use of the personal information unless the user requests us to remove the details.

User can request an update/removal of his personal information by sending an email at

How Secure is your Data with Prismane Consulting?

We use verified and secure servers for our data storage and are committed towards the user’s privacy. We follow internal/external audits and verifications to keep the user data secure.

Any further details on Third Party Sources/Tools/Software’s/Cookies used can be obtained on

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may change the Privacy Policy to modify/change our data handling Practices. The updated Privacy Policy shall be published on our website as soon as any changes are made in the data handling practice. Any significant change will be notified to the users through our website’s privacy policy page.

Last updated on: 27/08/2019