Energy Practice

oil & gas, power, and renewable energy projects

Prismane offers services for the oil & gas, power, and renewable energy projects under its energy practices segment. Increasing global demand for renewable energy is promoting investments into new, clean-tech energy solutions helping achieve corporate sustainability goals.

The shale gas boom, increasing dependence on gas-fired stations along with aging infrastructure, declining returns, and ongoing cost control are shifting trends in regulatory relationships, have given birth to a situation different from the recent past. Companies need to sustain the new challenges while maintaining their market share and make the most out of their investments in shale. On account of uncertainties, it is now important for major oil & gas companies to review and strengthen their commercial proposition in the market.

The downturn in oil prices since mid-2014 was a major setback for the global chemical industry. With major producers not prepared for such a downturn, the majority of them suffered a decline in revenues. Major companies such as BP, Shell, Exon-Mobil, Saudi Aramco and Sinopec had a decline in their earnings. The volatile nature of this industry, the demand-supply gap and the shale gas boom in the U.S. urges manufacturing companies need to develop a strategic plan susceptible to impending price shocks and take rapid action when they occur, not hampering revenues and operations, minimizing threats.

Prismane consulting is committed to providing its clients with the right analytics, and insightful market information. Our team of market analysts and consultants continuously access and stay up to date with industry insights, further helping us deliver impactful recommendations to our clients.

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