Mr. Rakesh Panigrahi

Principal Consultant in Chemicals

Mr Rakesh Panigrahi is an experienced Consulting professional with a strong background in Petroleum, Chemical, and Energy sector and has an experience of more than 15 years. He has completed several chemical, petrochemical, and engineering plastics strategy studies. His key skill sets are focussed on industrial market research, techno-commercial analysis, and financial/business modelling and strategy and policy formulation in chemicals, specialty & fine chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, biopolymers and energy sectors. He has extensive experience in planning, execution, and management of consulting assignments in North America, Middle East, Central & Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific region. Prior to Prismane Consulting, he worked for JACOBS Consultancy UK Limited, London/ JACOBS Engineering India, Mumbai (currently the company is known as Advisian, Worley Parsons Corporation), MnM Consulting, MEED and Contax Group (Dubai) where he handled Consulting projects and provided advisory services on Energy, and Chemical projects. He has advised several clients of Olefins, Linear Alpha Olefins, Plastics, Engineering Plastics, Polymers, Specialty & fine Chemicals, Oil & Gas and Chemical companies. He is instrumental in making an online dashboard and integrated market models on all the major plastics & polymers including engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, CASE and other materials. Principal Consultant B.Sc. (Chemical Sciences, Chemistry), University of Mumbai, India Predictive Analytics, IIT Hyderabad, India