Adiponitrile Capacity Analysis (2000-2023)

Adiponitrile Capacity Analysis (2000-2023)

There has been no significant capacity additions in past few decades but due to surging demand for Polyamide 66 in Asia Pacific region, INVISTA has planned to build 300 kilo tons Adiponitrile plant in China which would come on-stream by 2023. Ascend has planned a 220 kilo tons capacity expansion which will come on-stream by 2019.This will increase the global Adiponitrile capacity from 1,495 kilo tons to around 2015 kilo tons. U.S. leads in the Adiponitrile production capacity with 954 Kilo tons followed by France with 500 kilo tons overall capacity. INVISTA has invested around $1 Billion for a world-scale plant in China due to shift of trade dynamics, higher import duty levied on U.S. goods and strong growth in China’s Industrial sector. There are very few Adiponitrile producers worldwide due to technology restrictions, leading towards high margin for current Adiponitrile producers. Major producers of Adiponitrile include Ascend Performance Material, INVISTA, Butachimie (Rhodia-DuPont JV) and Asahi Kasei.

Adiponitrile Capacity Analysis (2000-2023)

Adiponitrile Capacity Analysis (2000-2023)

Commercial Adiponitrile is manufactured using two main processes: one involves the hydrocyanation of butadiene with a nickel-based catalyst, a method pioneered by Dupont, while the other route consists of hydrodimerization of acrylonitrile through electrolytic coupling. The primary use of Adiponitrile is in the production of Hexamethylene Diamine (HMDA). Furthermore, more than 90% of HMDA produced in the world is consumed to produce polyamide 66 via reacting it with adipic acid making adiponitrile supply a vital backbone of polyamide 66 supply chain.

Adiponitrile Capacity Additions

As of 2022, the global Adiponitrile production capacity reached 2,600 Kilo tons, marking a substantial 66% increase since 2016. This surge in capacity is driven by the growing demand for Polyamide 66, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Leading global companies like Invista and Ascend have played pivotal roles in expanding Adiponitrile capacity across multiple plant locations worldwide. 

Invista augmented its U.S. capacity by 60 Kilo tons at its existing facility in Victoria, Texas, in 2020. The company also enhanced its Adiponitrile capacity at Butachimie by 100 Kilo tons. Furthermore, in 2022, Invista commissioned its massive 400 Kilo tons Adiponitrile plant in China, becoming the largest producer in the country. This strategic move by Invista was influenced by evolving trade dynamics and the robust growth of China s industrial sector, making domestic production more advantageous.

Following Invista s lead, Ascend increased its U.S. plant capacity by 180 Kilo tons through phased expansions in 2019 and 2022. In China, other domestic players, such as Taichen Qixiang, have also contributed to the market by adding 300 Kilo tons of Adiponitrile capacity in Shandong Province. In summary, the global Adiponitrile market is characterized by a handful of dominant players, affording them substantial profit margins.

Following the global polyamide 66 market trends, the Adiponitrile market is anticipated to have a CAGR of 3.5% to 4% during 2023-2032.

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