Caprolactum Market & Capacity Analysis

Caprolactum Market &Capacity Analysis

Caprolactum is an important intermediate for production of polyamide 6 fibres and Engineering Plastics. Around 70% of caprolactum is used to make polyamide fibres and remaining is used for making polyamide 6 resin for injection moulded parts and extruded films. Caprolactum market is directly linked to consumption of polyamide 6 resin and fibre. China is the largest market for PA 6 and therefore it is also a major consumer of caprolactum.Caprolactum imports in China peaked in year 2012 which was around 700 kilo tons and then imports declined on the back of rise in new caprolactum capacity in China. Still China imported around 220 kilo tons caprolactum which was mainly imported from European market last year. Major realignment can be seen in European and US market, with BASF reducing its caprolactum capacity at its Ludwigshafen, Germany site by 100 kilo tons (Sept 2016) and Fibrant (DSM ?CVCcapital JV) plans to scale down its caprolactum capacity at its Augusta, US.China?s focus towards self-sufficiency has forced major caprolactum and polyamide producers to realign with the market conditions. Effect of reduction in caprolactum supply was seen in spot price of caprolactum in the months of November-December last year.

In 2017, Major Countries producing Caprolactum include China (2853 Kilo Tons), USA (687 Kilo Tons), Russia (393 Kilo Tons), Poland (161 Kilo Tons), Taiwan (400 Kilo Tons), South Korea (270 Kilo Tons) and Thailand (208 Kilo Tons).

Global Caprolactum Capacity Analysis –2017

Global Caprolactum Capacity Analysis –2017

The major players in caprolactum market are BASF SE, Fibrant(DSM-CVC capital partners JV), Lanxess, DOMO, ALPEX, AdvanSix (Formerly Honeywell), UBE Industries Ltd., Toray Industries Inc., Zaklady AzotoweTarnowe, Grupa Azoty, Sinopec Baling Petrochemicals, Shangdong Hali, ZhejiangJuhua Co. Ltd, FACT, GSFC and Shandong Hongye Group. Most of the Caprolactum manufacturers are in China, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands,Germany, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Japan, India,South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

The global caprolactum demand was estimated to be over 5500 KiloTons in year 2016 which has grown at aggregate rate of 3% between 2012 and 2016. Utilization rates were around 78% in year 2016. Utilization rates declined from 90% to 78% between years 2012 to 2016 due to major capacity additions in China causing global caprolactum demand-supply imbalance and restructuring in America & European Market.

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