Evolution of PEEK Market Share (2005-2016)

Evolution of PEEK Market Share (2005-2016)

Evolution of PEEK Market Share (2005-2016)

Miniaturization in the electrical & electronics industry, innovations in 3D printing and medical applications along with the reviving oil& gas industry will predominate the PEEK industry in the long term forecast.

PEEK has been surpassing areas reserved for metals due to properties such as weight reduction and chemical resistance. It has been a perfect fit for demanding applications in the transportation industry, and medical sector.

PEEK belongs to the polyarylether ketones family. The polymer is semi-crystalline high performance thermoplastic and is the highest priced in this category. PEEK is currently being used in specialized applications where polymers like PPS, PAI or other engineering plastics are not suitable for operations. The polymer has wide temperature operability and can have similar characteristics and performance at high temperatures of 250°C and harsh environments without losing any physical properties. Along with excellent mechanical properties including impact resistance, low wear rate, and a low coefficient of friction, PEEK has a special property of emitting lower smoke and toxic gas when exposed to fire and has attained a V-O flammability rating. Injection molding, extrusion, compression molding and powder coating processes can be used for the processing of PEEK to be used in different applications. Electrical & Electronics, transport and industrial applications are so far the largest consumers of PEEK and will continue being the major consumers in the long term forecast.

Currently, the major players into manufacturing of neat polymer are Victrex Plc., Solvay SA, Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd., and Panjin Zhongrun High Performance Polymer. Victrex Plc. is identified to be the largest producer with presence in U.K., United States and Japan.

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