Global TPU Capacity Rise, 2005-2020

Global TPU Capacity Rise, 2005-2020

TPU Capacity Rise, 2005-2020

Global TPU Capacity Build-up

Global TPU capacity amounted to over 830 kilotons by year-end 2017. There are currently 20 major producers of TPU operatingmore than 30 major plants globally. Historically the capacity utilization hadwitnessed a decline in 2008 - 2009 following the onset of global economicrecessionary trend. The TPU market will see new plant capacity being added inChina (including new TPU compounders), and there will be a continued marketshift to China and other Asian countries. Many projects are slated for China,several of which are being carried out by local producers; however, weanticipate some project delays and closures in China as well. With totaladditions of slightly over 250 kilo tons of new project by 2025, China’s marketshare in the global capacity will increase from current 48% to 57% by 2025.

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