• Sep 09, 2019
  • Published By : Prismane Consulting

Polyethylene Capacity Additions (2010-2025)

The total global HDPE capacities additions from 2019 to 2025 is believed to be around 14426 kilo tons most of these capacities are likely to be added in USA and China. In terms of market share of new capacity additions, North America, mostly USA will account for 33.6%. New investment in HDPE projects in Canada and Mexico has also been announced. Asia-Pacific will lead the new capacity additions as China is expected to add more than 5066 kilo tons. Total capacity additions in the Middle East will account for around 17.7% of the global HDPE capacity additions. The total additions in Central & Eastern Europe will 3.5% of the total additions.

Total LLDPE capacity of 11503 kilo tons is expected to be added during the forecast period 2025. Most of the capacity will be added in Asia-Pacific closely followed by North America. While LDP capacities of 1445 kilo tons, equally distributed in North America and Asia-Pacific. 

Historically, the Western European region has witnessed some capacity closures and there may be small closure during the forecast period.

The following figure below shows the planned regional capacity additions and closures

Regional Capacity Additions/Closures, HDPE

Regional Capacity Additions/Closures, LLDPE

Regional Capacity Additions, LDPE

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