Plastics and Polymers

Plastics & polymers industry is currently open to wide array of opportunities due to an uncertain and volatile economic environment. With opportunities ranging from metal replacement to developing new products meeting the required regulations, companies are innovating to make profit.

Regulations such as those laid by REACH and EPA have brought about development of bio-based plastics. These plastics will completely replace some of the traditional plastics by 2050. Another area of interest is in manufacture of energy efficient vehicles and plastic machinery that would help in lowering the carbon footprint of automotive and manufacturing industries.

Significant investments have been made into research & development of polymers to develop sustainable products in order to safeguard our future. New product development and technological leadership has helped polymer manufacturers swim the tide of global economic uncertainty and emerge out as winners.

Prismane Consulting helps its client swim the tide by providing sustainable and diversified product solutions.

We have built in models to track down the pricing and profitability of major polymers based on different crude oil price scenarios. These models enable the user to predict and forecast the possible outcomes that may be expected in polymer industry. These predictive models are also used to articulate strategies for clients enabling them to take correct decisions in the current industrial scenario.