Power Generation

Power generation is going through an evolution, with energy generation shifting from convectional coal based production to renewablesources. Energy generated by renewable sources such as solar, wind, thermal andhydro power is expected to increase by over 40% in the short term. Enhancementsin renewable technologies with huge investments by governments are drasticallyreducing dependence on renewable energy. The cost of production of wind andsolar energy has been considerably brought down due to technologicalinnovations thereby competing with grid electricity.

Alternative energy providers face many of the same risks as theircounterparts within the energy sector. Institutional and infrastructuralchallenges and risk, managing large-scale alternative energy facilities iscomplex. As a result of these issues, tax incentives remain a particularlyimportant issue for alternative energy providers.

Prismane assists its clients in feasibility and market studies forentry into the renewable energy industry. We have the capabilities and provideour consulting services to not only develop individual concepts for smallcompanies and market leaders, but also support them in the implementationphase.