Specialty & Fine Chemicals

Specialty chemicals can be individual molecules or formulations providing unique performance or function. Fine chemicals are classified on the basis of their molecules, but in contrary to commodity chemicals they are produced in small quantities. Fine chemicals are also used in formulating specialty chemicals, as inactive ingredients in pharmaceutical drugs are fine chemicals while the pharmaceutical drug is a specialty chemical.

Specialty and Fine Chemicals manufacturing are a cyclic business governed by demand and supply dynamics. When demand exceeds the supply, companies adopt strategies to gain value created from their products through product differentiation. When supply exceeds the demand, companies adopt strategies to retain their market share by investing in R&D and improving their distribution channel. The companies who quickly identify the periodic shift in dynamics between supply and demand and align their strategies accordingly make profit irrespective of the market conditions. The amount of profit that they make, however, depends on their operational efficiency and market understanding. This segment of the chemicals industry is mainly driven by volume and understanding the end-user requirements is the key to success. Joint ventures and M&A are inevitable in this industry due to high capital investments. The specialty & fine chemicals industry has picked up pace post the economic slowdown and has been hitting growth rates of around 6% since then. The market is already looming around $200 billion per year and is expected to attain a growth rate of 5% on the back of emerging Chinese and Indian market.

We at Prismane consulting help business identify periodic changes to be expected in the supply-demand dynamics and help them formulate appropriate strategies. Our team consists of experienced individuals whose key task is to understand your business and determine its susceptibility to the market environment. However specialized or diverse your Specialty and Fine Chemicals business might be, we possess the adequate skills to identify, analyze and quantify prevailing market sentiments and align it with your growth.

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