Polyamide 6 in Automotive Application

Polyamide 6 in Automotive Application

Automotive remains the largest application for Polyamide engineering plastic resins with major use in production of performance engineering components occupying 33% of overall polyamide 6 engineering plastic demand. Metal replacement has been a key driver for polyamide 6 in automotive industry. Under the bonnet applications such as air intake manifold, fuel lines, radiator tanks, rocker cover and electrical wires constitutes around 90% of the polyamide demand in automotives and rest of the polyamide is used in interior& exterior parts.

Resistance to chemicals, high temperature resistance, improved mechanical strength, good impact resistance and ease of designing makes polyamide suitable for automotive application. Polyamide has been used for making radiator tanks, Air intake manifolds, rocker covers from a long time and new innovations in polyamide market are coming up in designing Polyamide seat composites, fuel tanks, body panels and hybrid brake pedal.

Electric vehicles have been a major area of development in the automotive industry since the last decade. EVs and HEV’s have been gaining importance and increasing their market share at a decent pace, with the high cost of batteries being the only key restraining factor. The key companies present in the automotive industry include Toyota, Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes,V olvo, Ford, Mitsubishi, General Motors and Renault-Nissan, all of whom have been successful in developing and optimizing their own hybrid and electric models for improved performance and efficiency.

Global Polyamide 6 Demand in Automotive Application (2005-2025)

Polyamide 6 in Automotive Application(2005-2025)

China is the largest automotive market globally and is expected to increase the production of electric and hybrid vehicles. Volvo and Tesla Mottos recently announced to set up an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in China. In India, the Government is looking at providing incentives like lower taxes and interest rate on loans for consumers buying electric vehicles are opposed to that of conventional vehicles.

More electrical systems are being incorporated into each new generation of motor vehicle to ensure greater passenger comfort and safety. These include automatic window systems, electronic seat adjustment, climate control systems, navigation systems and in-car entertainment. Electrical systems make extensive use of Polyamide. Growth in production of automobiles and initiatives taken by original equipment manufacturers to reduce weight of the vehicles will further drive the demand of Polyamide in the long-term forecast.

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