Decoding Acetone Dynamics: Key Applications, Regional Insights, and Long-Term Forecasts in the European Market

Acetone Net Trade for Major Countries in Western Europe

Acetone is an aromatic organic bulk chemical compound, co-produced with phenol. The major end-use applications include Bis-phenol A (BPA), Methyl methacrylate (MMA), Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), Solvents, and other chemical uses. The European Acetone market is primarily driven by its use as solvents, accounting for around 1/3rd of the regional demand. Bis-phenol A is another key application of acetone. 

The regional BPA demand is mainly driven by polycarbonate resins, which are used in automotive, building & construction, consumer electronics, home appliances, optical media and other niche applications. In terms of consumption, the regional acetone demand witnessed a decline in 2019, owing to weakening demand in key European countries, with further declines estimated in 2020 owing to the global Covid-19 pandemic and economic slowdown. Prismane Consulting forecasts flat growth in the European Acetone throughout the long-term forecast.

Determining the impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic remains a key question across different industry verticals. The economic down-turn had a severe impact on the global and European petrochemicals industry; though, the industry witnessed declines during 2008-09, it again bounced back in 2010. However, the global pandemic has now altered the global industry landscape and has impacted the Acetone end-use markets.

In Prismane Consulting’s Europe Acetone strategy report, we have analyzed the historic and current market situation of Acetone across several applications and sub-applications. Plant capacity expansions, force majeures, de-bottlenecks, plant shutdowns and investments have been considered in the report. 

According to Prismane Consulting’s Europe Acetone Market model, the demand for Acetone in Western Europe is anticipated to grow at an average rate of around 2% per year through 2019 to 2030. 

The Europe Acetone Market Study Report describes the Acetone market, with focus on the country, and application scenarios. The study provides:

Market Data, Country Summaries & Product Review

•  Demand-Supply Balance & Market Analysis
•  Acetone Market data in terms of volume and value for each end-use at regional and country level
•  Acetone Production Capacity, Apparent Production, Regional and country level demand-supply 
•  Demand Composition, by Applications
•  Trade (Import, Export and Net Export)
•  Pricing Analysis
•  Latest Trends and market developments
•  Key Players
•  Process technology
•  Strategic Issues and Recommendations
•  Market / Product Outlook (Historical, Short, Mid and Long-term forecast) 
•  Business Opportunities & Challenges 
•  Strategic Analysis and High-level information on Market Entry, Best Strategies adopted

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